Monday, January 23, 2012

hey guys i found my newest love

so besides for quickscoping i found my favorite weapon, surprisingly it is the usp.45
wanna know why? because i can make the rate of fire at whatever i want, it switches over very fast, it has a decent damage, its an easy 5-6 kills depending on fmj, stopping power, also it has a tac. knife

i mean cmon logan how could i be so stupid as to not even try this sidearm until now sheesh man i feel like a fool, but anyways i would love to see more of your guys' videos on some of these games, doesnt matter which game, heck it doesnt even have to be a warfare game, i like some football here and there, something, anything really.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

hey guys so i decided i would write a little "G-4" logan edition for every game you could possibly think of (recently) so my new idea would be for you to ask for a game and i reply telling you some good things about this game, some bad, and my overall rating on it, i would much rather have many other people doing this as well, not just me :)

wanna tell me if you can see this link or not?

ok so im trying to update some stuff on my blog and i just need anyone out there ( the close to 100 people that have read this blog) to click on this and simply do the survey (just to make sure you arent a bot) then go ahead and comment me back and tell me if there is anything new on there. thanks

Thursday, January 19, 2012

modern warfare 2 quick scoping?

ok so i know its an old theory or an older idea in call of duty, the truth is? its not very hard.
 people always say well how do you do it, whats your load out?
what gun and perks do you use

ok to finish this i want to tell everyone my load out for quick scoping or just being a sniper period,
1. in order to quick scope you MUST USE A INTERVENTION ( now this is my personal opinion)
2. no matter what people say your secondary weapon will not mess up your quick scoping, a lot of people say you have to use a pistol or handgun. this is not true, i get about 5 quick scope kills every match and i always use a shotgun (preferably the M10 or the Spas-12) this is mainly because of 2 things, the spas has a rediculous range, and damage.

3. my perks are as follows (and no they dont have to be pro)
sleight of hand pro (this is a must and have to have this in order to quick scope)
stopping power pro ( also a must in order to get the one hit kills)
steady aim pro ( i tend to use steady aim pro just to get higher chances for a kill) you can also use ninja or anything really for your third perk

ok so the next thing is just a simple tip on how to do this

pull up the weapon (start to scope) and as soon as you see the cross hairs, fire keep doing this at a wall from about 40 feet bk (just for practice) try and get them as close as possible as soon as you get that you know ho to quick scope however that is not even close to how quick scoping works when going against someone else, this is because your not as patient, and you get a bit more nervous.

a few tips to make you better

1. you will need a red sharpie, and a piece of scotch tape
go to a private game just by yourself and find the  VERY CENTER of where your scope starts out now place the tape DIRECTLY IN THE CENTER then use the sharpie and make it act as where the the crosshairs are and make a little red dot, just big enough for you to see while playing now it acts as a red dot sight without having to waste a weapon enhancement. (since you will need FMJ as your your weapon perk, or acog sight depending on what you want to use)

2. you will need skill,
this is not a proven fact it is just something that i personally use, its called a drop shot i think, its where you see someone and you know they see you, so in order to mess them up you go prone while you are starting to scope, this makes them feel like they cannot hit you, or they will start to hipfire this gives you a bit more time to get a good shot in
also just a side note to this try not going prone so it confuses people, or jumping ( this will confuse and make people mad)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

so here ya go this is my first post, im wondering on a couple things,
one why is the english language so messed up?
and also why is the "united" states look down on one another even though the word united means together?

Welcome to the site

well here we go time to try and make this blog? sounds good to me, well anyway this is where we will start talking about gaming, gamers, games, and anything else? sounds good to me